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                Welcome to Tsinghua Tongfang!
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                Portfolio >  E-info products
                E-info products
                Starting from the differentiated application requirements and through the customized products, services, and solutions, Tongfang not only shares fresh and interesting technology experience with people around the world, but also create more convenient, more efficient, and happier life for people through the realization of intellectualization, informatization, and mobility.

                Tongfang products have passed Level 5 security certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and obtained sales license of special products for computer information system security issued by the Ministry of Public Security.

                Case Study


                Guangzhou Asian Games

                Guangzhou Asian Games

                As the only computer equipment supplier of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games, Tongfang provided 66 Asian Games venues with nearly 10,000 computer equipment and operation and maintenance services of all products, making great efforts to the smooth holding of the Guangzhou Asian Games. The “zero fault” performance of Tongfang computer and outstanding services of Tongfang engineer team showed the perfect combination of technology and responsibility of national brand.