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                Welcome to Tsinghua Tongfang!
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                Portfolio >  Smart City
                Smart City

                What a smarter city reveals should be the ability of sustainable development. Our goal is to informationize and intelligentize each city and bring them with reasonable structure, energy conservation, and green environment.

                  With the use of the new generation of information technology, Tongfang conducts smart perception, interconnection, processing and coordination on needs of urban residents, enterprises and public institutions, and governments in their life, work and function exercising, thus forming a new eco-system of the city with combination of “science and technology + culture”.

                Tongfang provides smart information services for over 2,000 building, 40 subway lines and more than 300 high-speed railway stations in China.

                With the"100 City Plan", Tongfang promoted the construction of smart application projects in more than 80 cities across the country, covering more than 20 subsystems including agriculture, economy, population, transportation, tourism, judiciary, etc.

                Case Study


                China Huaneng Group

                China Huaneng Group

                Relying on the strong strength in project implementation and scientific and technological innovation, Tongfang has undertaken several smart projects of China Huaneng Group, including the data center, logistics service center, and laboratory building A & B of talent innovation and entrepreneurship base, and Tongfang has been granted the honor of “advanced collective of safe production”.