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                Welcome to Tsinghua Tongfang!
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                Portfolio >  Medical care
                Medical care
                In cooperation with School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Medicine, and School of Life Sciences of Tsinghua University, Tongfang Medical and Health Group has extensive expertise in biochip, innovative medicine development, drug safety evaluation, medical testing equipment, medical software development, and other fields. Starting from China’s medical reform focus of “ensuring the basic medical care and strengthening the primary medical care”, we also established and improved grass-roots medical treatment and facilities and institutions for the elders and helped people enjoy more reasonable and dignified and happier guarantee of life with lower cost through the improvement of insurance mechanism.
                • From the research and development, pharmacy, and sales, to medical diagnosis, medical services, recovery, elderly support, Tongfang will become a high-end medical and health industry group that leads the cutting-edge technology of the industry, covers the full life cycle of human, and has first-class services.

                Case Study


                Omron Medical (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

                Omron Medical (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

                Our agent product BCA human body composition analyzer produced by your company has been widely used in physical examination centers of most hospitals and national chain medical centers, winning wide recognition and appreciation!